Summer's here!

As I type the weather has turned from record highs to rain. I know it should bother me but it really doesn't. The photographer in me just sees weatehr and wonde… more

It's been a year(ish)

About a year ago, as a form of therapy really, that I launched my Facebook page as a complement to my website… more

Cameras can't swim!!

Actually, that's not true of all cameras. Some are rugged and waterproofed. Some have an underwater casing available and then you can swim with them using them… more

Brooklyn Bridge Bimble

One of the things I really wanted to do was to walk the Brooklyn bridge

Eastern State Penitentary

The Eastern State Penitentiary is a former American prison in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was operational from 1829 until 1971.

New York Bimble

The first collection of images were all taken around lower and mid town Manhattan.

Leigh At Houghton House

two muses for the price of one in this set. Houghton House is a favourite spot of mine for picture taking and this time I've combined it with another favourite subject Leigh.

Simon's Gang

A drizzly, windy but mild day in Bury St. Edmunds.